Preparing a Microsoft Windows® USB installation media on Linux

The official procedures to create a bootable USB device with the Windows installer require you to run Windows.

However, when you run Linux, you can use WoeUSB to prepare a Microsoft Windows® USB installation media.

This procedure focuses on Fedora Linux.

  • You run Fedora Linux.

  • A USB device that you can erase entirely.

  1. Download the Microsoft Windows® 11 installer to $HOME/Downloads/Win11_22H2_English_x64v1.iso.

  2. Install WoeUSB and Gnome Disk Utlity:

    $ sudo dnf install WoeUSB gnome-disk-utility
  3. Plug your USB device in your Fedora Linux workstation.

  4. Identify and unmount your device:

    1. Open Gnome Disk Utility: Disks in the menu, or gnome-disks in the CLI.

    2. Identify your device in the left panel and click on it to see the details in the main screen.

    3. Identify the Device name, such as dev/sdb.

    4. Unmount the device by clicking the button.

  5. Create the Microsoft Windows® USB installation media:

    $ sudo woeusb --device $HOME/Downloads/Win11_22H2_English_x64v1.iso /dev/sdb
  1. Plug your USB device in the computer that requires installation.

  2. Start the computer.

  3. Select your USB device as boot media.

  4. The Microsoft Windows® installer starts.