I am a senior technical writer and cloud infrastructure architect with an advanced experience of Linux, Ansible, Antora, and collaboration in Open Source Software.

I mainly write in AsciiDoc, Bash and YAML. I enjoy other languages too.

I can understand or design complex workloads and trace issues. I am a keen independent learner.

I can lead a team and challenge people to get the best of themselves.




  •  French

  •  English

  • German

 Education & certifications


  • Markup — AsciiDoc, LaTeX, Markdown

  •  Visualization — Graphviz, Kroki, PlantUML

  •  Publication — Antora, Docusaurus, Jekyll

  • Validation — Htmltest, Markdownlint, Vale

  •  Containers — Podman, Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift

  •  Frameworks and languages — Ansible, Tox, Bash, Python, Node.js

  •  Platforms — GitHub, GitLab, Jenkins

  •  Hosting — Bare-metal, Libvirt, Cloud: AWS, Azure, Kubernetes, OpenShift

  • Operating systems — Linux, macOS, Windows

 Open Source Software contributions

1. Skills: Activating Innovation, Applied Creativity, Change Management, Confidence, Drive Results, Inspirational Leadership, Leading & Managing Change, Visionary Thinking.